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The CAP Equation Origin Story


Competencies + Attitudes x Pipeline Practices

The Exclusive CAP Master’s Program

Monthly Mastermind

An impactful private mastermind, facilitated live by the CAP leadership team. You’ll dig into the 48 revised, 2023 CAP modules, and also learn new best practices from your peers.

1:1 Access

CAP Master’s Program members have personal coaching, check-in access to CAP leadership team. Bring your top-of-mind issues to the table for a confidential deep dive.

Designation + License

At the completion of this program you’ll receive a CAP Equation Certified Instructor (CECI) designation, and also gain LIFETIME license rights to teach all CAP Equation content!

The CAP Equation sales methodology has been taught to over 10,000 salespeople at more than 400 companies

The creator of the CAP Equation…

Joe Buzzello

Joe is a Hall of Fame organizational leader, a five-time published, best-selling author, and an expert at B2B selling and the sales process. He has four decades of experience building legacy sales teams for Fortune 500 companies. And he is the creator of the CAP Equation sales methodology…

Praise for the CAP Equation

“The things I learned…the friendships created…priceless!  If you’re a serious sales leader, get involved in this program and dive in. You won’t regret it.”


Katie Anderson

Regional Manager, Assurity

“This 3-part sales equation is simple, powerful, and practical. If you build this equation, wealth will follow. Joe Buzzello has created incredible programs for anyone serious about their sales career.”


Dan Amos

Chairman and CEO, Aflac Incorporated

“The CAP Equation Certified Instructor (CECI) program has allowed me to take my expertise to the next level. If you’re feeling a little stuck—looking for a spark to reignite your passions—or you’re just trying to become of more VALUE for those you serve, this is the right program.”

Christie Marzari

Sr. Sales Training & Development Manager, Cengage Group

“Sales can be taught and learned in many different ways. The CAP Equation is one of those rare sales teaching methods that can wrap around and compliment all other methods, giving new PERSPECTIVE to them.”


Tom Hopkins

Founder/CEO, Hopkins International, Inc.

“The program pushed me way out of my comfort zone. And that was a good thing. I took so many new tools away—tools that helped me build a much larger, more PROFITABLE agency.”

Renee Corso

Regional Sales Coordinator, Aflac

“Joe Buzzello is a genius in his ability to clearly communicate what you HAVE to do to become successful in outside sales. If you work with the CAP Equation program, you’ll be handed the purest training content from one of the best sales trainers in the country.”

Shawn Smith

Director of National Accounts, Transamerica Employee Benefits (Retired)

“The CAP Equation experience was super beneficial for me. The personal coaching time—spent on my key issues—and the group time…this is the kind of knowledge that you can’t put a price tag on.”

Teri Frankel

Co-Owner, Leavitt Insurance Group – L.A.

“I’ve been a professional sales trainer for nineteen years. It’s easy to think you know it all. The CAP Equation Instructor program got me ‘on the grow’ again and got me re-excited about my craft. A side benefit was the incredible connections I made with the other high-level people inside of this program.”

Jody Willis

Market Trainer, Aflac

“Joe Buzzello is one of the more accomplished sales professionals I have known in my three plus decades in sales. The CAP Equation is a culmination of his successes, and his programs should be required for all serious sales professionals.”

Brian Sullivan

Market Director, BenefitMall

“I was a member of one of the first CAP programs. Years later I’m still applying what I learned. This is simply a great program that will last a lifetime for me!”

Traci Batten

Territory Sales Manager, Colonial Life

“I love when you can make B2B sales so simple and teachable for people. CAP draws your attention to the three major areas that MUST be identified and focused on. The CAP group programs are amazing, they produce results, and I’m a big fan!”

Kelsey Evert

Market Director, Aflac

“I own a successful employee benefits agency and I consider myself a seasoned sales veteran. However, regardless of our experience level, there’s always more to learn. CAP delivers TOP SHELF B2B sales content and mentorship. This has been a great group to be part of.”

Dennis Hartin

President, Hartin Dynamics, powered by HUB

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