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The CAP Equation

A Foolproof Formula for Unlimited Success in Sales

In The CAP Equation offers a simple, highly effective model designed to take the mystery out of succeeding in commission sales. Joe breaks the sales process down into three easily identifiable components: Competencies, Attitudes, and Pipeline practices, and includes a myriad of real examples culled from his own professional experience. He also provides a wealth of resources that will help you identify your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses. By applying these straightforward principles, you will:

• Begin practicing the most crucial foundational processes which are rarely taught to
salespeople early in their careers.
• Identify the key Competencies that you must become proficient in — the skills that will
enable you to win in the game of sales.
• Immediately begin forming the vital Attitudes that will ensure your survival and lift you to
the lofty production levels you’ve dreamed of.
• Understand and practice the Pipeline mastery secrets of all top producers.
• Learn how to get out of your own way so that you can solve The CAP Equation© and
develop sustained wealth in your career.

Winning Sales Attitudes

The key mindsets all great salespeople adopt and practice on their path to wealth

In his fourth book, (a sequel to The CAP Equation) Joe Buzzello invited some of the best B2B and B2C sales trainers across the United States to help him expose and explain how the best and the brightest salespeople think, act and respond. Our talented CAP Equation certified co-authors and contributors include Chuck Farmer, Brandee Justus, Dennis Hartin, Katie Anderson, Scott Storjohann, Dawn Tyack, Leon Davidson, Emily Evans, Christie Marzari, Renee Corso, and Traci Batten. The authors take a deep dive into the mindsets that help a salesperson survive and THRIVE in commission based sales.

A Life in Sales, Volume 1

Mentors, Saints & Sinners – Wisdom, Truths & Lies and The Incredible Lessons Learned

In his well-reviewed third book, the nationally recognized sales expert, Joe Buzzello, documents some of his earliest experiences in the game. The stories are fantastic, the mentors, sinners and saints are all very real, as are the incredible lessons learned. Volume 1 covers the span of time beginning in 1978 and ending in 1982. Joe refers to this as the “Stone Age,” as he and his cohorts cold-called, presented and closed without the aid of technology. At the end of most chapters, Joe takes the time to editorialize on what he learned (good bad and ugly), from each of the sometimes wonderful and oftentimes bizarre experiences. Anyone who sells for a living or leads salespeople will read this book and walk away with many memorable take-aways.

Entrepreneurial Landmines

Sidestep the big mistakes + scale your business now

In this important book Joe Buzzello and Tom Healy identify many of the most common— and sometimes fatal—mistakes made by entrepreneurs. The authors carefully walk readers around these dangerous landmines, teaching them how to avoid these costly errors. Entrepreneurial Landmines is loaded with critical micro lessons that have been gleaned from the thousands of hours of work Tom and Joe have done with the successful entrepreneurs they’ve consulted for. It will be hard to find a book that is more impactful than this one for any serious entrepreneur that wants to scale their business fast.

Drawing Circles

A Novel Based on a True Story

Tony DiBona dove into the cryptic world of multi-level marketing looking for his little slice of the American dream. What he found was more than he bargained for, as simple accomplishments morphed into self-indulgent excess and capitalistic intentions slowly became major criminal activities. Tony came of age in the age of greed as he sifted through the ashes of his life and the lives of others. What was most surprising to Tony were the choices people made after all of the lies and falsehoods came to the surface. It took Tony decades to understand the lessons, but every answer seemed to carry the seeds of another question.