Your Personal Mission Statement…Why It’s Important & HOW to Develop Yours



I don’t care what you sell or what you do. You‘re going to run into people that can help you—can either use your services or introduce you to others. They are going to ask you what you do.

What are you going to tell them? What are you going to say that will make them want to help you?

In and of itself, this would be a fantastic reason to develop and use a personal mission statement. But there’s another reason you should develop one if you haven’t already.

Maybe you are LOST inside of your business model or your work.

Perhaps your business flow or production is floundering and you need to find your clear mission again? A mission statement is much like your Unique Selling Proposition—your elevator pitch. We have discussed your elevator pitch before in earlier blogs, but maybe your mission statement is just a bit more personal—maybe it’s even a little bit more spiritual. You should develop this mission statement to actually reflect your mission.

And, because you know I LOVE definitions…


  1. An important assignment carried out for commercial or other purposes.
  2. The vocation or calling of a person or organization to go out into the world and spread its message.

So if you’ve NEVER developed a personal mission statement, or you haven’t looked at yours in a while, let’s stop down and do this thing.

Develop Your Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

Write this so that it flows naturally—as you would say it in conversation. The whole thing should not be more than 3-4 sentences. You can modify this for different kinds of prospects or opportunities. 

My mission is to help (name your core target customer):


deal with/solve (two or three very specific problems the target customer has):


I’m an expert on this because (your credentials and/or story – briefly):


How I help them is by/through (your products or programs):


…so that they (specific outcomes your target customer really wants):


That wasn’t so painful was it?

So what came out of your mind—through your pen? Did this practice help you better identify your core prospect? Were you able to focus on the two or three problems or needs that your core prospect has that you have the ability to solve? Were you able to embrace that you are an expert at your craft—that you have the experience and credibility to help them solve those problems? (Sometimes calling ourself an “expert” or an “authority” is difficult)

And how about your solutions? Are you lasering in on which of your products and services solve those problems? What about the outcome? Have you clearly defined, and can you clearly articulate the outcome you want your clients and customers to experience?

So…consider this your first draft.

If you are good to go with what you wrote, then fine! If not, take a few more minutes and refine it. Tweak the words and phrases until it sounds like something that can come out of your mouth a zillion more times.

Because that’s the point of this exercise.

We want you to be able to meet someone and tell them what you do in a way that makes them want to help you. We want the words to flow out of your mouth in a conversational way. We also want you to be crystal clear on who your market is, what you bring to them and how it changes their life or business.

If you are a frontline sales person, consider performing this exercise over the next day or two and then read what you wrote to a trusted friend or mentor. If you are a sales leader or trainer, consider printing this blog article out and using it as a quick exercise at your next weekly sales meeting.

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