Why You Should RE-RECRUIT Them (Part 1 of a 2-part blog)

If you are a sales leader, an attracter of people, a recruiter, then LISTEN UP!

I’m about to give you a small little tip that will make a HUGE difference in your business.

If you are in the game of trying to get the right people to jump on your bus, then you know how hard that job is. You search resumes, you dial for dollars—try to get them to come in for an interview. You do the tedious work of holding group or individual screening interviews. after that you perform the even more challenging work of the ‘closing’ or hiring interviews.


You sell them on how great your company or organization is—how totally, absolutely awesome they will do in their new career. Then, after all of that hard work, you offer them a position…and you hope like heck they show up for training. 

Wow…they actually do show up for training, and they even have a smile on their face. So, congrats…you’ve recruited them. Nice job! You put them into your system and you begin to focus on teaching them—getting them all coached up.

The recruiting process is OVER, right? No need to spend any time re-selling them on the position…they’re already in.

It makes logical sense that you shouldn’t have to re-sell them once you recruit them. Nothing about your company, your products or their opportunity has changed.

But something does slowly change.

About 3 – 6 months into the game—if they’re still there—they start to question things. Maybe not big things. They most likely still believe in the company and the products. They‘ve seen some success around them. They know it’s possible to succeed. They’ve probably even made some progress themselves, but they are most likely a little beat up, maybe even a little tired and they begin to question the price that they are paying.

Is it worth it?

They’re looking for their second wind, and more importantly, they are looking for some re-assurance that they made the right long-term decision and the work they’re doing is going to result in a successful sales career.

The question is, will you step up and invest the time to recruit them for a second time? Do you understand the importance of re-selling them on their career choice?

Here are 3 reasons that you should RE-RECRUIT your salespeople:

  1. Your recruiting ROI will increase tenfold!

Think about it. How much does each recruit actually cost you, by the time they actually come aboard? There IS a definite dollar cost for each recruit. While the cost can vary greatly based on your business model, I’d be willing to bet you it’s a significant number…enough to get your attention. Given that it’s probably a significant cost, if one additional meeting with them, a  sit-down conversation to re-sell them on the opportunity and the work, will help you solidify and cement the original sale you made several months prior, how would that effect the return on investment you’ll realize for the recruiting dollar that you spend?

  1. Your retention METRIC will soar!

How costly is your training program? (On-going classroom and field) How important is retaining the people that you’ve just spent the last 30 – 60 – 90 days on-boarding and training? How critical is it to keep good people in your system—talented salespeople that show up and go to work? How vital is it to retain people that already understand and believe in your products and services? If sitting down with them for a few minutes—reinforcing their career decision—keeps more of them in the system longer how does that affect your retention numbers? How does it change your organizational profitability long term?

  1. Your organizational CULTURE will shift! (For the better)

Your newer salespeople want to know that people stick and stay inside of your organization. They want to see stability. They also want to know that their immediate chain of leadership genuinely cares about people. When they see there is less turnover (because you care) and they know you’re willing to spend time with them, discussing their personal goals, they’ll be far more attracted to your culture than one that is messy, impersonal and uncaring. They will stick and stay.

If those 3 reasons don’t cause you to think about scheduling the time to RE-RECRUIT them, then I’ll add one more compelling reason…

It’s the right thing to do.

They look up to you. They probably joined YOU just as much as they joined your company, if not more so.

Why wouldn’t you leverage that special, connected relationship? Why wouldn’t you invest the time to have a face-to-face meeting with them so that you could inspire them, once again? Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to reach down (deep inside of them) and help them find their motivation again? That motivation will probably be the ‘juice’ that pushes them over the top…on to the next 90 – 180 days of work.

Once they’ve been with you close to a year—and they’ve had their share of  small victories—they’re probably not leaving you. They’ll probably become a ‘lifer’.

This leadership strategy sounds simple…and it IS simple.

Just the very act of asking, “Hey, can we meet—can I buy you a  lunch so we can revisit your personal goals?” is a magic moment to them. It tells them that you are a different kind of leader. It let’s them know that you are still as interested in them personally as the day you recruited them months earlier.

In Part 2 of this article we will discuss HOW to RE-RECRUIT them. We will give you several steps to take and offer you some talking points as well.

Okay…stay tuned!


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Joe Buzzello is a nationally recognized expert on direct selling and sales leadership. He has built legacy sales teams and experienced unprecedented success in individual and business-to-business markets as well as the network marketing industry. Joe has held executive level positions for Fortune 500 companies, but he has never strayed far from the art and science of selling, which he loves. In early 2014, Joe began writing, speaking, and coaching through his proprietary platform, The CAP Equation©. Please visit Joe at: http://www.CAPequation.com

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