What Else Can Go RIGHT? A 3-Step Method to Make Each Day a Win!


This is a short article, but I believe it can be a powerful one for a salesperson that suffers from day-to-day mood swings.

I’m at an airport bar choking down a sandwich before a flight. This dude next to me orders a micro brew. The bartender pours it, hands it to him and says, “Sorry it’s only in a 10 ounce cup. This beer’s so high in alcohol content they don’t allow us to pour a 12 ouncer.”

The guy hears the bad news…that his beer is smaller than mine, looks over at me, winks and grabs the cup from her hand.

“High in Alcohol content? You’re kidding me? What else can go right today?” he proclaims.

I laughed at his sarcastic question/statement. I immediately typed it into my iPhone. “Love that,” I told him. “That’s a blog title.” We struck up a conversation. The dude was an IT guy—not a sales geek like us, but he had this very positive countenance. It struck me that he had the kind of attitude that ALL salespeople should have.

And his humorous chant…

What else can go right today?

Isn’t this the question we, as salespeople, should be asking ourselves several time a day? Shouldn’t we be laughing off most of the stuff that doesn’t go exactly as we planned? Shouldn’t we be focusing on a larger goal, then be looking for the small victories and celebrate them energetically?

But this overly positive approach to your workday isn’t a natural tendency.

What’s natural (and almost primal) for us, is to grind out our work and get all caught up in the last thing that just happened…the thing that didn’t go so well. We tend to dwell there…fixate on the negative stuff. Maybe we even mutter under our breath, “What else can go wrong today?”

We sometimes allow a bad call or a cancelled appointment to completely ruin our day. We allow it to suck all of the energy out of us. But what if we changed just a few little things about our workday thought process? What if we refused to micro-focus on things that already happened, results we can’t change, because what real value does that offer us?

Here’s a quick 3-step process that can change your outlook, energy and even your results in an instant:

Step 1 – Set a Daily Activity Goal (DAG)

Simply identify the big things (priorities) you want to accomplish on any given day. Take a moment to write those things down at the start of your day. Your DAGs may look like this: (Just an example)

  • Prospect in field from 9:00 AM – Noon
  • Listen to a pre-selected podcast or read an uplifting blog article at lunch
  • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM – Run presentation appointment
  • 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM – Work the phone – follow ups
  • 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM – Review day – pinpoint small WINS – Identify trends
  • 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Pre-plan calendar for following day

Step 2 – Resolve to FOCUS ONLY on Your DAG

That’s it. I wish I could give you more on this…but that’s it. That’s where the magic in this process lies. Just begin your workday completely and totally focused on the work. Resist the temptation to stop and analyze each individual response or result. (Good or bad) There is no value in doing that during your workday. You can do that from 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM because that’s the time in your calendar dedicated for that.

Step 3 – As Your Day Unfolds, Ask – “What else can go right today?”

That’s right. Regardless of what individual micro-results or responses you receive, simply repeat that guy’s question/mantra, “What else can go right today?”

You see, when you are totally in the present and expecting something good to come from your work, it surely will. And…unfortunately, the inverse of this is true, if you expect crappy things to continue to happen to you, they surely will.

The 3-step thought process keeps you focused on a large body of work. It keeps you focused on big and important calendar commitments you’ve made to yourself.

The biggest WIN, in and of itself, is completing the body of work.

Think about it, if you worked the type of calendar above in step-1 and had that positive mantra going on all day, and maintained this mode of operation for an entire week it would be quite impossible for you to not create a substantial amount of tangible wins each week.

But we don’t always do this. Instead we let our guard down. We don’t set up an airtight calendar…we don’t focus on the body of work…we let ourselves get all caught up in meaningless individual results that didn’t go our way.

And we grumble, for nobody else to hear, “What else can go wrong today?”

If you are a commission sales geek like me and you’re reading this blog, do me a favor, try this for just 3 days and write me back and let me know how it worked.

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