In Appreciation


“Make it a habit to tell people, ‘Thank you.’ Express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return.

Truly appreciate those around you,

and you’ll soon find many others around you.

Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.”

—Ralph Marston, Founder, The Daily Motivator


I found this quote from a guy like me, Ralph Marston. He’s a 50-something guy who writes for a living. It seems he nailed a quote that’s perfect for this week, Thanksgiving week, 2016.

Since we have some family coming into town and you’re probably busy beyond belief trying to get all of your 4th quarter numbers and production done, I’m going to keep this blog article short, and it will be the only thing you get from me this week.

Ralph’s quote made me think a little—self assess.

I don’t tell people, “Thank you,” enough. I say, “thanks” all the time, but do I REALLY express it properly, and do I really mean it? I’m not sure. So first, let me try to thank you properly.

 Thanks so much for subscribing to my blog. You are kind enough to follow my work, read the blogs, listen to the podcasts and share them. I really appreciate that, more than you know. When you send me feedback, praise or critical comments, that means the world to me because I know you’re out there and I know the work is being processed. It means so much to me that you read and listen to my stuff.

Okay…I want to tackle the second part of Ralph’s quote:

“Truly appreciate life and you’ll find that you have more of it.”

Again, I’m going to be brutally honest. I’m not very good at this. We are sales guys and girls, driven entrepreneurs, or high-level leaders. We are grinding it out day in, day out. We are too busy to stop and smell the…whatever you’re supposed to stop and smell.

But, stop right now, and think about Ralph’s words—break them down.

Are we TRULY appreciative of our lives?

Do we really, really realize how much we have and how good we got it here in ‘Merica?

Oh, we all have our first world challenges and problems, but really, is the fact that you’re so busy doing all that production, making all that commission that you have no idea when you’re going to “find the time” to spend some of that money doing your holiday shopping…is this REALLY a problem? We have so much in this country to be appreciative for. Some of it is material, some of it is not.

Let me try to explain some of the cobwebs that form in my own brain.

Maybe you can relate.

I have a wonderful roof over my head. It’s not perfect; it’s not my dream home. We just relocated to the Phoenix area and we weren’t sure what part of town we wanted to live in. So we leased. Sometimes I find myself thinking things like, “Well I wish this home was closer to my country club. It takes me too long to drive there.” Or, “Ya know, I really don’t like this floor plan…and I’d really prefer a detached casita.” And then I’ll think, “It would really be great to have a four car garage, because a three car garage isn’t enough…”


Then I snap out of my first world bullshit way of thinking and consider, “We live in a beautiful 5,000 square foot home on 3.5 acres with 180 degree mountain views. We have three cars paid off sitting in the three-car garage that isn’t big enough for me. STFU, Joe B.!…most people would die for the home, views and lifestyle you have.”

Then there’s my family.

Sometimes I get pissed that my awesome wife, Beth, has to deal with a cancer illness and the chemo medication and going back and forth to the cancer center every six weeks…and then I snap out of my faulty way of thinking and realize, “She is healthy now. The breast cancer isn’t moving or spreading. The medication is working and someday the small spot on her rib could disappear.”

And I say…

“Thanks God. Today is a good day.”      

And my daughter…

I call her my  “perfect little girl” (she hates that), but she’s eighteen and if you have ever been around an eighteen year old you know darn right well they are not perfect. I get to thinking, “I wish her political views were just like mine,” or I think, “When I was her age I had two jobs…she doesn’t even have one.” I get ticked off because she doesn’t communicate with me or her mother exactly the way I’d like her to.”

Then I wake up and think…

“Hold on…we had a friend, last year, who lost their eighteen year old son in a tragic car accident. We have another close friend who has a son that has been bravely battling and beating internal cancer for the last few years.

We have a healthy, relatively happy, daughter. She’s smart…oh so smart. She is an extremely talented rock concert photographer that shoots some pretty significant shows; she founded an online Alt Rock magazine called, Sound Slacker, she is a very good writer who’s been published in several online publications. And lastly, she’s a talented musician who has already performed in Carnegie Hall. She currently attends one of the top music schools in the country, Berklee College of Music, and oh, she can play some golf…she can almost break 80 in competition. (Although she walked away from the game for now…which still bothers me! LOL)

So, what the heck do I have to NOT be appreciative for here?

Ralph Marston is right…

If you don’t stop to be appreciative, your life can seem pretty darn small.

However, if you do stop and add up everything in your life to be grateful for, it multiplies…it becomes more, and your life becomes larger.

So, thanks. I appreciate you.

And let’s work on making MORE of our life, simply by being more cognizant of our many blessings.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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1 comment on “In Appreciation”

  1. Lynn Brown

    Joe, again YOU hit the nail on the head. I am thankful for having met you, and thank you for mentoring me through a challenging part of my career. I am thankful for all the wonderful and impactful words you put to paper to help me understand this crazy career choice, and to be a better craftsman(woman?) of it. I am so thankful for you sharing Beth and Bear with me, with all of ‘us’… your work takes you away from your family, and they are gracious ladies that allow you time to be with us. And most of all, thank you for being you! I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving…..I plan to as well, as long as there is gravy for my mashed potatoes. (who are those people that serve mashed potatoes without gravy … they are out there, and I am suspicious of their motives). Best to you, and thank YOU for saying thank you in such a wonderful, thoughtful piece!!

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