HOW You RE-RECRUIT Them (Part 2 of a 2-part blog)

In our last article: (Part 1 of this 2-part blog)

Why You Should RE-RECRUIT Them (Read this first)

We discussed the logical reasons that you may want to develop the habit of re-recruiting your valued salespeople a few months after you hire them.

As sales leaders, we know exactly what happens to a new salesperson’s psyche after a few months on the job.



With your guidance and organizational training, they have gotten acclimated to the job. They have learned product as well as process and they’ve started to fill their pipeline. They’ve probably even had a few small victories. But, most likely, they’re not swimming in cash. They are treading water at best and they are probably a bit tired. (Mentally if not also physically)

They begin questioning things.

Not you…you’re their rock. You are right there to assist them. Not your company or products…nothing has changed there. What they’re questioning is…wait for it:


“I’m doing so much work, prospecting my tail off, getting a lot of rejection out there. Is it worth it? Will this work translate into the results I was promised when I originally interviewed? Will I realize my dreams and aspirations?”

They’re looking to you for a teeny, weeny bit of re-assurance. They need to know that they are on the right track.

And if you give them what they really need at that juncture (another shot of assurance and hope), you can save them from sinking into a bad place and help them recharge their batteries.

I’m not saying you can MOTIVATE them.

You can’t actually do that! We already learned that in an earlier lesson:

But you CAN inspire them and help them find their internal motivations, the ‘juice’ they will need to get over the next hump.

I am going to dedicate the rest of this article to the steps and talking points you can use to RE-RECRUIT them.

What you should DO:

  • Select the advanced calendar times that you want to meet with each one of your newer salespeople. (About 60 – 90 days after they start)
  • Commit those general dates to your master calendar (These meetings are just as important as anything else you can place in your calendar) (IMPORTANT clarification: This meeting isn’t a coaching session. You should be holding coaching sessions often…weekly)

BTW…if you are a sales leader and you are not clear on what a good, solid coaching session looks and feels like, send me a note at:

I will send you an audio clip to help you better understand the coaching process.

  • A week or so prior to your blocked-out times, secure an exact time and location to meet with each newer salesperson. (Select a casual, offsite location/coffee or lunch – let them know you just want to “reconnect” and “thank them” for all of their hard work)
  • Prepare a few questions to ask and a few things to tell them based on their small victories or triumphs. (But don’t have anything written down. The conversation needs to be informal and from the heart)

What you should SAY/ASK:

  • Open by telling them how IMPORTANT they are to the team (If they know that they’re not just a faceless cog in your machine, they become more open and more apt to tell you what they are thinking and feeling)

Example word text:

“You’ve brought a lot to this organization and everyone loves having you on the team. I’m so glad that we found you.”

  • Continue by going through a quick laundry list of their small VICTORIES or successes (Remind them of the things they have learned, done well or accomplished)

Example word text:

“I am so happy that you are driving qualified appointments and you’re starting to fill up your pipeline nicely. Let’s celebrate your first two sales and how far you have come with your presentational skills in such a short time.” 

  • ASK them how they are FEELING (What you ask is more important than you doing all of the talking)

Example word text:

“So…I know we’re only a small ways into a career that’s going to be a long and successful one for you, but tell me how you’re feeling so far.”

  • GAUGE where they are AT and respond accordingly (if they are positive, great…accentuate that. If they are neutral or negative, don’t dwell on it. Move to the next step)

Example word text:

“I’m glad to hear that your emotional gas tank is so full.” Or…”I know how you feel. It’s very common to feel a little beat up a few months into the game. But your career is a marathon, not a sprint and we’re going to help you win the race!”


  • CONNECT their small victories with the END RESULT (If we don’t connect the dots for them…show them HOW their daily and weekly actions will surely add up to the bigger wins they’re going to soon realize, they may not see it—they may not have that kind of vision yet—and they may begin to lose focus)

Example word text:

“Let me tell you how proud and excited I am for you. You’re on the right path with your actions and your learning curve. In fact, you may be slightly ahead of the curve a lot of our top salespeople were on at your same level. Let’s not take our foot off the gas…a lot of good things are going to happen for you over the next 90 days!”

  • Revisit WHY they are doing this—Their DREAMS and Goals (This is the payoff…this is where you RE-SELL them…where you RE-RECRUIT them)

Example word text:

“Ya know, when we originally met, you told me that you hated working in an environment where your income was determined by someone else. You also told me that it’s your dream to save up a down payment for a home.

“I’m here to make sure we get you there. Tell me about your personal goals now, 3 months into this. Have they changed? Have they expanded? Do you feel like they’re in sharper focus for you?”

Regardless of their answer to the last set of questions, if they are showing up and doing the work (and you wouldn’t be having this meeting with them if they weren’t) it’s your job to RE-RECRUIT them.

It’s your job to reassure them that if they continue pumping the pump with a smile on their face, they can reach and exceed any personal or professional goal they’ve dreamed of.

It’s your job to re-sell them on themselves as well as the system!

Okay…a reminder…

If you’re reading this part of the blog (Part 2) and you haven’t seen Part 1, please go to the link below and review it.

Why You Should RE-RECRUIT Them

With a complete understanding of WHY and HOW to RE-RECRUIT your best new people you will be able to maximize your recruiting ROI, retain more solid salespeople and shift the culture of your organization.

Let me know what your thought of these two articles and let me know how this simple strategy begins to work for you.

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