How to Predict Your Future in Sales

It’s impossible to do that,right?

(Well…it IS possible and I’m going to show you how to do it in this article)

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But, let’s get back to this predicting your future thing. Who wouldn’t want to know what their upcoming sales commissions look like, what big accounts they’re going to land and what accolades they are going to receive.

As commission salespeople, we wake up on any given Monday morning wondering…

“What’s this week going to hold for me?”

“What’s this month going to look like?” 

“How’s this quarter going to shape up?”

We’d all like to be able to stare into our crystal ball marked “Future” and see nothing but commission checks rolling into our bank account, an overflowing pipeline and record production weeks. If we had a reliable crystal ball and we could gaze into it and see exactly that, we’d RELAX, confidently smile and we’d go kick ass. We’d go to work like we didn’t have a care in the world.

But we don’t own a crystal ball. 

Crystal Ball 

So we wonder, and sometimes worry. We worry that our pipeline will fall apart, our best clients will defect or our set appointments will cancel or push back. The worry doesn’t help. The apprehension causes stress and the stress sucks the energy out of us. As our energy falters we prospect less and our presentations go flat.

If we could only predict the future—our future in sales—know that everything was going to be awesome, then we could RELAX and go to work!

If we only had one of those darn crystal balls. Here’s the bad news…crystal balls don’t really exist! The good news is I’m going to tell you exactly how to accurately predict your sales future.

The famed computer pioneer and scientist, Alan Kay said:

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

That’s right…go INVENT it!

I would hope you know what you have in your hands. I hope you have a great sales vehicle. If you don’t, then go find one, but assuming you do, let’s go INVENT your future by having you focus on just 3 primary categories and a few elements inside of those areas:

Become Completely COMPETENT in the following 4 areas: 

1. Prospecting

We have a TON of blog and multi-media content to help you build your prospecting plan at: The following blog article can get you started. The 5 Most Crucial Sales Prospecting Doctrines

Plain and simple, you MUST have an airtight prospecting plan in place in order to INVENT your future. You must have solid scripts, have internalized and personalized them and you must be committed to the task at large and focused on individual responses.

You MUST become a prospecting machine!

2. Presenting and Closing

If you want to ensure your future, be able to PREDICT it, you must understand the 5 buying decisions and 10 presentation elements we teach on our CAP Equation methodology. You must have an understanding of how, why and when decision makers make decisions. Then, you must build your front talk and presentation around those elements.

In addition, after you have crafted a solid presentation that mirrors and matches how a prospect thinks, you have to identify the 4 possible outcomes/responses of a given presentation. (YES – NO – CONDITION – STALL) Based on their response you have to be prepared to guide them back to the main road so that you can ask them to BUY again.

Chapters 9 – 11 in The CAP Equation covers these points in detail. 

3. Delivering Your Product

Every product, service or program we sell has to be delivered, facilitated or enrolled in some format. Your job is to become EXPERT at delivering and servicing what you sell.

Chapter 12 in The CAP Equation covers this area. 

4. Asking for Referrals

If you become proficient at the above three Competencies and you don’t have a complete system that dictates How and WHEN you ask for referrals, well…then you are going to be cold calling for the rest of your career and that is just plain stupid.

Chapter 13 in The CAP Equation outlines a plan for you, but if you want a FREE PDF that contains all of the templates and scripting, just send me an email with the subject line: Referrals On Demand, and I will have our office send you that e-book at no cost.

Develop and Settle On These 3 Key Attitudes

1. Resolve TO Make It 

What if you simply developed the mindset that you were going to finish the race and taste the fruits of victory regardless of the short-term obstacles? What if you simply decided to suspend emotion and you made a decision to do the work—pay a one-time price for long-term gains?

Here is a short Podcast to help you better understand this concept. It is entitled: Pump in the DesertResolving to Make it in Sales. Just click on the hyperlink below and you can stream the podcast on your mobile device or laptop.

2. Learn to Think, Feel and Respond

If you are going to PREDICT and then INVENT your future you will first have to learn to control the way you respond to people, things and events that happen around you. We go into this subject in chapter 15 in The CAP Equation, but let me just give you this following suggestion in a nutshell. You MUST question every crazy thought and negative feeling that pops into your head and then ask the question:

Will my response to this crazy thought or negative feeling take me closer to my stated goals?

If the answer is “NO” then you must discard that response and replace the thoughts and feelings with ones more conducive to progress towards the goals and objectives that are important to you. 

3. Your 10,000 Hours (The Work)

In chapter 16, page 130 in The CAP Equation I address the “work”. I borrow the term “10,000 hours” from Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers – The Story of Success. In his book, Mr. Gladwell scrutinizes factors that contribute to high levels of success. Throughout the book Gladwell mentions the “10,000-hour rule,” claiming the key to success in any field is, to a great extent, a simple matter of practicing a task for a total of around 10,000 hours.

When I first read Outliers a light bulb went off in my head, because, that’s what I was willing to do when I got into commission sales. I was willing to put in the time honing and perfecting my craft. I was willing to not only DO the work, I was also committed to HONORING the work—trying to be the absolute best I could be at it.

Are you committed to the work? Are you willing to put in your 10,000 hours? If you are, then you are well on your way to INVENTING your future!

Adopt These Essential Pipeline Practices

1. Commit to High Activity Levels

I get asked this question a lot…“Joe B., what’s the best way to fill my pipeline?” The answer to the question is actually in the question. The best way to fill your pipeline is to fill your pipeline. Like anything else, it becomes a decision—a commitment. I’ve placed a link (below) to one of our more popular blog articles to get you started with this pipeline practice.

3 Reasons High Activity Levels Solve Most of Your Problems

2. NEVER Stop Prospecting

This is a simple philosophy, but one that new, as well as veteran, salespeople forget or disregard. You can NEVER stop prospecting. If you do, you will pay a deferred penalty. There are only 2 reasons that a salesperson stops prospecting:

#1 – Too MUCH Success

#2 – Too LITTLE Success

Neither one of these reasons is logical or will hold up to scrutiny. If you stop prospecting you are DEAD in the water. Don’t do it, instead, ask your coach or manager for HELP. Read more about this in chapter 18 in The CAP Equation.

3. Metric Result Practice

This practice shows you how to REFRAME or RELABEL the words FAILURE and REJECTION.

All too often a new salesperson leaves the business telling us that, “There was just too much rejection,” or they say, “I just can’t handle the level of failure.”

The big problem with these responses is that nobody cared enough (or was skilled enough) to sit that person down and instruct them that they simply chose the wrong labels.

The Metric Result Practice we teach simply suggests that there is no such thing as FAILURE or REJECTION. Those labels don’t exist, as every piece of data is simply a metric result to be categorized unemotionally and analyzed after the work day is over.

You can read a lot more about this in chapter 19 in The CAP Equation.

Okay…we are done for now.

Focus on these primary Competencies, Attitudes and Pipeline practices and you can then PREDICT your future because you can simply INVENT it!

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