Grab a Partner + Create a Plan (THIRD in a series of LESSONS I recently learned or re-learned)

This is the third article in a series I’m writing about what I’ve learned or re-learned about my business and myself this year.

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In the first two articles I outline why leaving your ego at the door is a good thing and in the second article I talk about the ability to identify what’s really holding you back.

These lessons have made themselves evident to me over the last few months as I’ve been building out a new area of my executive-level coaching practice. I’m launching and chairing a private peer advisory board made up of successful small business owners and CEOs here in the Scottsdale area.

The launch of this group has forced me to get a little bit uncomfortable again. I believe that whenever you have to add new skill-sets to your toolbox, you may become uncomfortable. I also know that this is a very good thing!

So this THIRD big lesson is about…

…Grabbing a partner that can help you, and then creating a plan to fix what’s broken or simply improve your results.

At our level, we tend to want to try to do everything, or FIX everything alone, or in a BUBBLE. And that’s not a good thing. You need to ask for help.

In my case I recently had a coach supplied to me by Vistage. I called him up, swallowed my pride—told him where I thought I was very weak and asked him to help me create a plan to increase the strength and power of my word text, along with my confidence—because it was suffering. He suggested that I reach out to a few of the experienced chairs in my area and just talk to them about why their CEO members originally got involved with a Vistage peer advisory group—what they wanted to achieve by becoming a member.

On my second call, one of the chairs gave me a formula, actually an acronym that he thought would assist me with my first conversation—the one where you ask for their time and attention.

The acronym is……M.A.G.I.C.

M = They all want to MAKE better decisions

A = They typically have nobody to hold them ACCOUNTABLE

G = He told me that they don’t join unless they’re in a GROWTH mode

I = He mentioned that CEOs often feel ISOLATED and you can point that out

C = They know CHANGE is inevitable, and they don’t want to be a victim of it

He told me…

“Joe, just build your front talk (and your questions) around these pain points

and watch your results change.”

I drafted a few open-ended questions around each of the 5 letters in the M.A.G.I.C. acronym, and then I got back on the phone with a few CEOs to try it out. My results changed dramatically.

My conversion ratio doubled instantly!

The M.A.G.I.C. acronym was magic for me. But the point is, that you (and a good coach) can probably draft out an acronym that works for your sales process. I now use this one to start and maintain an effective flow of conversation with a qualified CEO candidate, either on the phone or face-to-face.

This little game changer nugget came from a brief conversation with my coach and his suggestion to reach out to a few other experienced peers. I was open and I wasn’t lazy. I improved my results and confidence a little and the payoff was big.

I know, I know…you know all this stuff. But I have a few simple questions for you:

  • Have you parked your ego at the door?
  • Have you identified what needs to be fixed or improved?
  • Have you identified a partner (COACH) that can help you?
  • Do you have a plan to fix what’s wrong or improve your results?

The reason(s) you WON’T do this will only center on your dumb pride (ego) or laziness.

I hate both of those things!

My big claim to fame in life (How I became a self made multi-millionaire after tremendous set backs) isn’t formal education or people handing me something. It was my ability to be totally open to others (mentors) that were willing to help me in my personal and professional life, and my intense desire to out-work the people around me.

I hope you are open.

I hope you’re not lazy.

Grab a partner or coach.

Create a plan to fix or improve what needs work.

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