Best Practice R.A.D.A.R.-How to Effectively USE Transfer Strategies in Your Business!


Recently, I wrote about meeting a guy named Bob at a networking event. Here’s a link to the original training article if you want to give it a quick read:

Transfer Strategies

After talking with Bob I realized that I’d been using transfer strategies since I was brand-new in sales, but never knew I was using them, and I never had a name for them.

A Transfer Strategy is:

The processes a person can utilize to take a proven skillset, practice or mindset that’s being taught (or is discovered) and relate, and then employ that system or method to/in their own business model.

Bob told me that his target clients all have some sort of established training systems, but are questioning the effectiveness of them. Bob and his team do an exhaustive analysis and they typically discover two things:

#1: Approximately 40% of what most companies spend time and money teaching is fairly insignificant.

#2: They usually don’t exploit the other 60% of what they teach. (The good training content) They have no system to ensure implementation and application of all the “good stuff.”

In other words—Bob’s words, “They have no solid transfer strategies.”

So, after the original training article went out, I got a ton of feedback and a few questions. The first question I addressed was in regard to how I actually get people to tell me about all of the good stuff they are doing and teaching. I usually get them talking during the salad course and by dessert I have received an entire mentorship session for free!

Here’s a link to that particular training article: S.A.L.A.D.

The other question I received in several different forms was phrased like this;

“Hey Joe B., okay I get that we can get people to tell us about their best practices, but how do we put them into play and, more importantly, if I am a leader, trainer or coach, how can I ensure that I am teaching this properly?”

Okay, I alluded to the fact that the training I wanted to offer you on this subject was more than I wanted to put into just one training article…with this one it now totals 3 articles! LOL!

So here’s a little mentorship on how you can utilize and teach this transfer strategy stuff!

Start with these questions…

  • Do I seek out smart people and ask them questions about their business?
  • Have I trained my ear to actually LISTEN to people and look for the nuggets?
  • Am I taking the time to REFLECT on what I hear and learn?

Then, once your RADAR has identified a best practice that you may be able to use in your business, apply the following steps that we will call R.A.D.A.R.:

(Sorry about handing you one more acronym!)



Take the time after you meet somebody to reflect on what they said that resonated with you. Immediately make some notes on:

  • The practice they’re using
  • The resource they mentioned
  • The markets they’re in
  • The initiative that’s been so successful for them

Make sure you write it down or speak it into your mobile device. If you don’t you will lose it.


After you have identified something that you think can help you in your business, then ask the questions:

  • Does this really apply to my business model?
  • Where (what part) of my business can I use this in?
  • Can it be easily integrated into my business?
  • Can it be quickly integrated into my business?
  • …or is this a long-term play?

Before you run off into the woods and spend time on a good idea, make sure there is some direct correlation to your core business model.


If you think the idea correlates to your business, then go one more layer. I want you to scrutinize what you heard or learned. I want you to remove the parts or pieces that don’t apply to your business model and then keep the rest.


After you’re 100% sure that this best practice can be fit into your business model, then you must consider and ask the following:

  • How can I test pilot this idea or practice without causing disruption?
  • How much time, energy or resource is this idea worth?

The big key here is to rein in your excitement, test the idea or practice and monitor the ROI. (Return on investment)


Take action and realize the actual value of the idea. Until you convey the best practice into practical application inside of your sales or business processes it isn’t actually TRANSFERRED…it’s simply a good idea until you put it into play.

So, then, the real work starts to refine and tweak the practice until you own it.

Okay…hope this helps you think about how to rob and duplicate best practices in an efficient manner.

Now…NO more questions on this!

Just kidding…love answering your questions!

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