A GREAT Trade Off! (FOURTH in a series of LESSONS I recently learned or re-learned)

This is the fourth article in a series I’ve been working on. In the first three articles I discussed the following:

Why leaving your EGO at the door is a good thing

How to identify what’s really holding you back

The importance of grabbing a partner and having a plan

These first three (old) lessons made themselves evident to me (again) over the last few months as I’ve been building out a new area of my executive-level coaching practice. I’m in the process of forming and chairing a private peer advisory board made up of successful small business founders, presidents, owners and CEOs here where I live, in the Scottsdale area.

It‘s been a blast—a lot of fun—but it has also been a little painful in the sense that I’ve had to dust off some slightly rusty skill sets, and then learn and integrate a few new ones. I have tried to focus on the long vision of why I want to do this work and the value it will add to my life. At times over the last few months I’ve felt like I have been running alone, down a very long road. 

And I kinda’ have.

When you begin anything new, a business that can yield significant results, you can bet that it’s going to seem like a long road, you are going to hit the wall more than once and you’re going to feel some pain for sure. This new area of my overall practice is definitely taking some significant time and effort to build out. Because I knew it would take a year of sweat equity to get this new channel to its full potential, I made sure to ask myself some serious questions before I even got started.

Some of those questions sounded like this:

  • Was I willing to dedicate a solid month of my life getting trained and certified for this area of work?
  • Would I be willing to park my EGO at the door and learn new skill sets and mindsets?
  • Am I willing to invest 4 – 6 months (35 – 40 hours a week) prospecting and selecting CEOs for my peer advisory group, just to get the group launched?
  • Would I be willing to invest another 3 – 4 months (after launch) to continue marketing and identifying the right CEO members to round out the group, while I’m also chairing the new group?

And finally…

  • Will I be enthusiastic about doing all of this work over a 10 – 12 month stretch of time with little or no net compensation after marketing expenses?

Great questions, right? And you’re probably asking, “So, Joe B., what’s the payoff for adding all this additional work to your plate—what’s the upside? You’re already financially free?”

True, dat. I’ve been in a great financial place for many years. I work because I choose to. However, (my curse is) I still have the same entrepreneurial drive I had back in 1979 when I fist started selling $39.00 accident policies door-to-door. The weird thing about me is that I’m just as hungry now as I was back then. I’m still very excited about selling stuff, building new business ventures and creating new streams of income.

So the payoff for me is two-fold. Building this new area of my business gives my corporation a substantial new income stream, but it also offers me the psychic capital I need—the immeasurable satisfaction that I can still flip a switch and build a brand new six-figure + side business from scratch inside of 12 months!

The payoff is immense (long term) from both a monetary and emotional standpoint.    

So the fourth lesson I recently re-learned is, you must accept the SHORT-TERM pain as a great trade off for the LONG-TERM gain

You MUST be willing to lace up your Yeezy sneakers and hit the friggin’ pavement. The road looks long and lonely at first…but it really isn’t. Once you start running you will meet others. They’re called, “peers” and many of them will help you. Then you keep your head down and you keep running. Pretty soon you look up and you are one third of the way there, and then you’re half way there.

And you don’t feel so lonely and you can see the finish line.

As an entrepreneur, you HAVE TO have long-term vision.

If you DON’T…

…you will never finish what you started.

…you’ll never have any measure of success.

…you’ll never build a sustainable business.

…it’ll be impossible for you to develop wealth.

So bottom line, you HAVE TO be comfortable that whatever short-term pain you are experiencing is more than a fair trade-off for the long-term success you’re going to build.

And, by the way, if you don’t believe that what you are doing will be well worth it in the long run, then you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing. You either have the wrong business vehicle or you are not 100% committed to doing the work.

It is really so sweet when you start to figure things out. It is the BEST feeling in the world when you see the finish line up ahead. Like a marathon, when you cross the finish line they hand you a ribbon and a Gatorade. The pain immediately starts to diminish. You have a huge smile on your face, because you accomplished something so cool—something that can’t be taken away from you.

So what if I have to work my butt off for close to a year with little or no compensation?

The pain is very short-term in my way of thinking, and the long term payoff is sweet!

Even though I’m totally getting my ass kicked on a daily basis right now, I’m going to look back in a few more months and say…

“Pain? What pain? I don’t remember it.”

Because that’s the way it works in the heads of people that plan to win.

They know that they must accept the SHORT-TERM pain as a great trade off for the LONG-TERM gain.

It’s that simple and straightforward.

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