2 Beliefs to “BORROW” From the #1 Golfer in the World

Jason Day steadily climbed his way to the top of the professional golf food chain over the last year and it’s been fun to watch. During his press he made mention of two separate things—call them beliefs—that he primarily credited for his meteoric rise.

Let’s dive right in…


BELIEF #1 – FAILING prepares you for WINNING

The media asked Jason a little bit about the road to becoming number one in his sport. Jason talked around the topic but then stated, and I’m paraphrasing, that…

…FAILING as much as he did prepared him to be the #1 golfer in the world.

In direct sales and other entrepreneurial ventures we talk about failing all the time. I often teach students that they shouldn’t be afraid to FAIL FORWARD. I instruct them that they actually need to stumble forward in order to learn the key lessons that will ultimately help them WIN and sustain their success well into the future.

Jason Day recounted a few of his professional failures—tournaments where he had the lead and couldn’t close the deal—and then gave an example or two of what he took away from those experiences—the stuff that helped him eventually learn how to close, win and take home the trophy.

I have some simple questions for you…

First, are you willing to FAIL? Are you willing to put yourself out there for everyone to see? Are you okay with not doing so well a time or two? Can your ego handle that?

Secondly, when you do crash and burn a little, do you pause to ask the three key questions that Pros always ask?

  1. What went right? (What should I continue to do?)
  2. What went wrong? (What do I need to tweak?)
  3. What should I never do again?

You see, what Jason Day did after he had a 54-hole lead and didn’t win was he carefully reviewed the experience and asked the three questions above. He most likely involved his caddie, his swing coach and perhaps even other mentors that he trusts. (His team) After analyzing all he could and reaching some logical conclusions, he released the emotion of the failure and looked forward to the next opportunity to perform.

Do you do this kind of thing after a sales call, project or initiative that failed to produce the exact results that you wanted? Or do you tuck your head in your (BLEEP) and start your pity party?

BELIEF #2 – You have to have the WILL (along with the skill)

The press inquired about Jason’s relationship with his fellow Australian countryman and golf legend, Greg “The Shark” Norman. It’s apparent that Jason and Greg have a close relationship and that Norman is one of his primary mentors. Jason made reference to the fact that Greg had talked to him about the “WILL”. Jason alluded to a conversation where Greg mentioned to him that…

…having the skill is important, but having the WILL was even more important!

I can imagine that Greg Norman looked at Jason’s golf tools and said something like, “Dude, you got all the skill you need to own the # 1 spot, now ya gotta’ work on the will…how bad do you want it?”

I’m perfectly sure Greg Norman was more eloquent than that, but that’s about what Jason was indicating…he had to decide how bad he wanted to be #1.

It’s that extra little secret sauce we all need after we’ve crafted most of our basic competencies. We all have to ask that simple little question of ourselves…

…how bad do I want it?

That’s the one thing that pushed Jason Day to work just a little harder and a little smarter. It’s the one little thing that pushed his commitment over the top and made it impossible for him to accept a mediocre performance from himself. It’s the one thing that pushed him to seek something close to perfection in everything he did off the golf course to prepare and on the golf course to win,

Do you have the WILL to be the best YOU that you can be? Or, are you allowing yourself to phone it in?

Jason Day is a thoughtful young man and he believes in seeking out great mentorship.

He is aware of how hard he will have to work to stay number one in the world and he vocalized that during his press conference. He’s not leaving that to chance either. He’s been on the phone lately with Tiger picking his brain. After all, who better to seek mentorship from than the guy who holds the record for being the world’s number one the most weeks? (683)

So, you should take a page or two out of Jason Day’s book and know that FAILING prepares you for winning and all the skill in the world is fine, but eventually, if you plan to be #1 at your game, you have to have the WILL.

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4 comments on “2 Beliefs to “BORROW” From the #1 Golfer in the World”

  1. Michael Haning

    Good article. Always puts gas in the tank when you read the experiences of the “Doers” and how it caused them to continue the push forward to whatever they wanted to become or achieve. Your clarifying thoughts throughout the article enhanced the value. Thanks, job well done.

    • jbuzzello@buzzellogroup.com

      Thanks for your kind words, Michael!

  2. William Schaffer

    Good article…and good advice…how bad do you want it, the will, vision, and goals allow us to succeed where we previously fail! Although, I find our mental state is largely to blame for failure…in my business I find myself getting discouraged by circumstances that are beyond my control! Even though I have the will to win every account.

    Thanks for the encouragement that comes from your success!

    • jbuzzello@buzzellogroup.com

      Thanks, William. I get it. I will tell you that it is critical for us to separate what we CAN control and what we CAN’T!

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